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We develop next generation business ideas and bring them into reality.

We believe in thinking sharp and moving fast.


NEW is not a consultancy agency

We do not believe continuous re-negatotiation of terms and sleepwalker incentives. We prefer skin in the game and the freedom to iterate and pivot. Why? Because the landscape is constantly shifting. Trust and transparency are essential values. What we bring to the table is sharp minds, forward leaning project management and improvisational abilities. We define shared high-level objectives together with our selected industrial and financial partners. Then we take on different management roles, and bring the project into the fast lane.

We live in a state of constant transformation

All value chains are changing. All businesses need to identify potential markets, rethink business models, use their existing position as a platform to reach new heights. NEW brings the startup spirit into established corporations. Sometimes we bring our own ideas to the table, or take leading executive roles in promising startups. Sometimes we help new spinoffs evolve from within an existing organisation. Sometimes we identify potential within an existing larger organisation that, given a team with hands-on expertise, can be turned into gold.

We always find smart paths through a shifting reality

We are wayfinders. But we do not stop by the signpost. We prefer walking the full distance - all the way to running business. Have you identified a promising market? Do you carry an unfulfilled idea? Is your company surrounded by a growth potential you are unable to reach? Can your technology be repurposed or built upon to become an independent business area? Is your startup at a standstill? NEW can provide you with true entrepreneurial spirit. We find the ideas that differentiate and turn them into companies for the future.

Entrepreneurial spirits with experience and creativity.


Tore Totland

Co-founder / CEO

Tore is an experienced management consultant and impatient business developer. He has been working with international growth companies for two decades, and served in the role of business development in several sectors, including finance, logistics and waste management.
+47 952 61 238‬

Henrik Lie-Nielsen

Co-founder / Chairman

Norwegian investor and entrepreneur. Known for sharp analytical mind, and deep understanding of the impact of emerging technologies. Built several successful businesses in Norway. Experience from business consulting, complex technology projects, and fintech solutions.
‭+47 924 04 152‬

Anders Waage Nilsen

Partner / Project developer

Serial entrepreneur and business developer with strong communication skills. Experience from business development and project management in a wide range of sectors, including media, tourism and web technology. Former digital agency manager in Netlife. Technology columnist in, the leading business newspaper in Norway.
‭+47 918 14 356‬

Hans Kristian Aas

Partner / Project developer

Innovative technologist and strategic designer with broad expertise within artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies. Former Futuretech lead at Accenture Nordics. He has been involved in innovative, complex projects within banking, insurance, telecommunication, automative and energy.
+47 920 56 108

Robert Corfield Aakre

Partner / Project developer

25 years of domestic and international experience from financial services industry, management and board work. Experience from founding and developing companies to successful exits, as well as CEO experience from stock exchange listed billion dollar company. Recognized for a strong analytical mind with powerful execution and strong business and commercial acumen.
+47 469 24 050

Camilla Berge Kamberg

Partner / Project developer

Camilla thrives in intersection of business and technology. She is known for her ability to execute everything from large and complex transformations to small innovative pilots. With her energetic and positive mindset, she brings out the best in people around her. She has extensive experience in banking and insurance from her role as Tech Advisory lead at Accenture Financial Services.

Harald Mowinckel Troye

Board member

Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Investor Relations, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Asset Management. Strong business development professional with a MBA focused in Finance from University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business.
‭+47 900 24 397‬

Joel Sundström

Project developer

Joel leads NEW’s artificial intelligence initiative, bringing innovative technology and data-driven problem solving to the world. He has a deep financial services expertise, and has worked across most different product areas and parts of the value chain. Joel is fascinated by how creative methods like design thinking can be combined with new technologies to bring cutting-edge innovation into reality.
+47 976 00 490

NEW updates


We search ideas that scale and make an impact.
If we press play, things happen fast.


Future of dental health

Company: Attent

State: Early stage

Revolutionary new technology using the power of AI and transilluminating to accurately assess cavity presence and give peace of mind.


Company: Baase

State: Early stage

Using a state-of-the-art Banking-as-a-Service platform that transform the way we see banking, how financial services are used and making it a product for the future

Data platform for urban waste management

Company: WasteIQ

State: Early stage

In collaboration with BIR, the regional waste company in Bergen, Norway, we build a cloud based platform to handle urban waste transactions and enable a more circular economy. Integrates seamlessly with several different smartwaste technologies and CRM systems. Supports PAYT (pay-as-you-throw) business models that increases recycling rates with 25-40%.

New standard for parking technology

Company: SesamSesam Tech

State: Running business

We believe the future will soon set a new standard and convenience for parking technology. Parking is the first part of many customer’s journey and combining parking with ecommerce will revolutionise the experience. NEW is working with SesamSesam and their already unique technical platform. Together we are aiming  to build the new technical standard together with partners.

Gaming platform for fun learning and complex strategic simulations

Company: Turbo Tape Games

State: Running business

Turbo Tape Games is a new breed of companies called EdTech - combining advanced gaming and education. The team consists of expert storytellers that put together love for entertainment and education in a quest to solve important challenges. The company provides solutions to a broad range of clients, including naval, aero defence and science fairs. NEW is part of the company leadership. Our focus is on positioning the company for geographical and economical growth.

Car subscription

Company: imove


State: Running business

NEW works with the car industry, which is going through disruptive changes in every aspect. The innovation is called imove. imove is a mobility concept that eases the life of car owners, users of public transportation and other forms of transportation. It also builds an eco system for the traveller - building value for both the customer and imove’s partners. imove’s first launched service is a car subscription that gives the user full flexibility and no hassle. Benefits for the user includes access to a fleet of attractive electrical cars for everyday use, and the flexibility to change to another car such as a SUV when they want to. imove is a new generation cartech company, filled with tech-savvy people passionate about cars. We focus on simplicity, transparency, flexibility and being environmentally friendly. imove is open to all types of partners, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

The Payment challenger

Company: ZTL Payment Solution

State: Early stage

ZTL Payment Solution is a disruptive startup using smart technology and a broad global network to make it cheaper and faster to move money across borders. ZTL is levelling the playing field between small enterprises and large financial institutions, and giving their customers a competitive edge when importing and exporting goods. The solution also offers cost-effective domestic payments and account information. NEW is responsible for the technology, building a global game changer in payments. ZTL should be on every venture fund’s watch list. More to come!

Innovation lab for AI products and companies

Company: NEW Labs

State: Early stage

The combination of data, hard-core science and innovation offers a huge potential for improving human lives and create unprecedented value across all industries. NEW has therefore launched NEW Labs - a company that will discover, invent and incubate opportunities in artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies and scale them into reality. With an amazing set of partners, this Nordic company is heading straight for a global footprint. Working with some of the largest players and with its experienced data scientists, we are bringing cutting-edge analytics and insights into the world. Want to get in - let us know.

Intelligent robo advisory

Company: Quantfolio


State: Running business

Quantfolio uses artificial intelligence and quantitative techniques to provide robo advisory for customers or super powers for asset managers. The solution uses a vast number of data sources to predict macro-economic trends and asset prices. A robo advisor can based on this give recommendations that can be customized to every customer's risk profile. NEW has invested in the company, helps Quantfolio scale globally and does joint product development.

Smart-packaging company

Company: Soon to be announced

State: Early stage

NEW’s first London-based company that focuses on smart packaging to reduce the global consumption of single use plastic in the home and business. The company’s smart packages can be customizable to handle different types of liquids and solids based on the merchant’s requirements. The advanced sensor technology in the packages combined with the IoT platform enables more efficient supply and management of goods. The company is on the verge to scale significantly and is currently working with large global FMCG groups as well as players in the Nordic market.

Data bridge for industrial equipment

Company: Neuron

State: Early stage

Data from old industrial equipment and systems is difficult and costly to extract. Goodtech has a unique experience extracting and contextualizing data from all types of equipment. NEW will together with Goodtech, utilize all this experience and build it into a brand new product. Neuron is bridging data from sensors and process control to other providers of data storage and analytics to increase data value. Digitalize your business. Now.

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